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Vintage Wood Wine Cellar Furniture

Product Name: Vintage Wood Wine Cellar Furniture
Materials: American Oak, Beech
Adjustable Temp.: 5-22 Degrees
Adjustable Humidity: 58%-78%
Available Colors: Black, Mahogany, White, etc
Compressor: Embraco
Capacity: 262 Bottle of Wine
Voltage/HZ: 110V/60HZ, 220-250V/50HZ
Model Number: WC750AF
Net Weight:350kg

Fantastic wine cabinet in Black, Mahogany, and White-colored solid wood (American oak) with 2 cabinets, a work surface and a glass hanger at the top. Store your wine in a cabinet that maintains a consistent temperature and humidity so your wine is always in perfect condition and ready to be enjoyed! Magnificent wine storage cabinet in wood – it will soon become more than just a wine cabinet in your home!

MENBRO has throughout the years specialized in wine and wine storage. We believe that it’s important that the wine get the storage that it deserves after leaving the winery. To make sure that your bottles are stored in the best possible way, Menbro has equipped their wine cabinets with an anti-UV glass-door, compressor cooling, and wooden shelves.

MENBRO – Store your Wine and Cigars to perfection!

Weight 485 kg
Dimensions 214 × 75 × 205 cm
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