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Arne Jacobsen Egg Lounge Chair

Product Name: Arne Jacobsen Egg Lounge Chair
Brand Name: MENBRO
Material: Fiberglass, Wool, Aluminum Stand
Model Number: C008
Color: Black, Blue, Red, Caramel, Grey, White
Size: 75*88*110cm
Net Weight: 24.8kg

A lovely change in the home setting is always welcome, especially if its a modern and snug chair. This fabulous Lounge chair is an ideal one for a homey environment. Its streamlined egg-shaped design promotes warmth and acceptance. If you are up for a long day at home then this Lounge chair to relax and go through the newspaper. It has a splendid sleek design that matches with no other furnishing.

Weight 28.7 kg
Dimensions 103 × 88 × 64 cm
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